Ikosaeder is a company that provides solutions for Mega Events. Our expertise builds on first-hand experience in designing and implementing readiness programmes for high profile ventures like the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and World Expo. We are committed to creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society, while minimizing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility.

We believe that sustainability is not only a moral duty, but also a strategic opportunity to enhance our performance, reputation and competitiveness. We aim to integrate sustainability principles and practices into all aspects of our business, from product design and development to service delivery and customer support, to internal operations and management.

Our sustainability objectives

We have identified the following key objectives to guide our sustainability efforts:

  • To comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and to exceed them where possible to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water use and waste generation
  • To promote the use of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies
  • To adopt circular economy principles and practices, such as reducing, reusing and recycling materials to source our materials, products and services from suppliers who share our sustainability values and standards
  • To design and develop our products and services with sustainability in mind, considering their life cycle impacts and benefits
  • To educate and engage our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders on sustainability issues and opportunities
  • To create a system to measure, monitor and report on our sustainability performance and progress
  • To continuously improve our sustainability performance and practices through innovation, collaboration and learning
Our sustainability actions

To achieve our sustainability objectives, we have implemented the following actions:

  • We have established a Sustainability Champion to oversee and coordinate our sustainability strategy, policies and initiatives
  • We have conducted a comprehensive sustainability assessment to identify our environmental impacts, risks and opportunities
  • We have minimized our carbon footprint, energy use, water consumption and waste generation more than 30% by 2023
  • We have invested in energy-efficient equipment including all our computers and smartphones
  • We have implemented a green procurement policy to ensure that we source our services from suppliers who meet our environmental and social criteria
  • We have adopted a circular economy approach to minimize our material consumption and waste generation, by reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling our equipment and devices
  • We have incorporated sustainability criteria into our product design and development process
  • We have provided training and awareness programs for our employees to enhance their sustainability knowledge, skills and behaviors
Our sustainability commitments

We are committed to:

  • Reviewing and updating our sustainability policy regularly to ensure its relevance and effectiveness Communicating our sustainability policy internally and externally to all relevant parties
  • Seeking feedback from our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders on our sustainability performance and practices
  • Reporting on our sustainability performance and progress annually in accordance with international standards and frameworks
  • Continually improving our sustainability performance and practices by setting new targets, implementing new actions and adopting modern technologies

We invite you to join us on our sustainability journey. Together, we can make a positive difference for the planet and the people .

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